One plan to rule them all

At Cuttinboard, we strive for simplicity. You already have enough decisions to make running your restaurant, and we do not want to make it harder, that's why we offer only one pricing plan. Cuttinboard costs $29.99 a month, per location, period.
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Cuttinboard Business
billed monthly per location
Up to 100 employees
5 GB file storage limit
Conversations and chats
File Management
Utensils Management
Task Management
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Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch from a monthly plan to a yearly plan and viceversa?

Absolutely! The amount you paid for the monthly plan will be applied to the yearly plan and when you change from a yearly plan to a monthly plan whatever you paid will be saved as credits for future payments.

Is a credit card required to try the product?

No. We do not ask you for a payment method information on your first location. Starting your second location you need to declare a payment method, but it won't be charged for the first 14 days. Cuttinboard offers a 2 week free trial.

Can I upgrade to Cuttinboard business if my team grows beyond 50 employees?

Yes. If you reach your limit of 50 employees in the Cuttinboard Lite plan you can go to your Manage Plan section, then select the Cuttinboard Business plan.

Can I downgrade from Cuttinboard Business to Cuttinboard Lite?

Yes. However, you need to have 50 employees or less, and less than 2GB of storage in order to downgrade to the Lite plan.

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