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An organized operation translates into better numbers.

Create a more cohesive team.

It's not a secret that your restaurant is as good as the team that runs it. When this team is divided and unorganized, the best version of your restaurant is nothing but a distant, unreachable goal. More fluidity in team communication creates a workforce that feels like it belongs, creates more cohesion and increases employee retention. A more stable team will improve customer satisfaction and maintain excellence across all areas. Elevate your team, and you will elevate your sales.

Flexible, affordable pricing.

So, let's say you are finally convinced that you need to improve team communication among your team, you check all the options for team communication, and you notice that most of them charge per active user; when you perform the calculations, it is way too much money. Since you are constantly onboarding employees every month, the size of such a bill wouldn't make sense for you.

Well, luckily for you Cuttinboard exists. We charge on a location basis. Whether you are a small location with up to 12 employees or a bigger one with up to 100, we have options for you. It does not matter how often you are onboarding employees, you will pay the same flat bill every single time.

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Bring order into the chaos.

Let's be honest, running a restaurant is extremely demanding and difficult. Running an organized restaurant that works like clockwork is almost impossible. Cuttinboard can help you get closer to that goal by organizing all the digital side of your operations. From visualizing the state of your utensils, to the creation of all kinds of to-do lists for all kinds of situations, Cuttinboard is a restaurant organization powerhouse, as simple as that.

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Your assistant to building an engaging culture.

Teach company culture, best practices and service excellence by creating notes or uploading files that your team can access with a couple of taps on their personal device. Learn about your team and gain invaluable insight with conversation polls. A better culture translates into a cleaner restaurant, more delicious food, a happier workforce, and a more pleasant day to day. Cuttinboard offers you the possibility to build the blueprint that will guide your restaurant to unprecedented sustainable success. Your customers will certainly notice a better service, and will return more frequently.

With Cuttinboard, your numbers improve.

What can be the result of a better culture, happier workers and customers, a superior communication and an organized workplace? That's right, more sales and a healthier balance sheet at the end of the year.

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