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(2 cups)

(3 tablespoons)

(7 teaspoons)

File Management
(1/2 cup)

A simple recipe for success.

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We provide the ingredients and you do the cooking.

Step 1

Mix Conversations

In a bowl, pour 2 cups of Conversations and stir for 1 minute.

Now, create different conversations with different purposes, topics and participants.

Voila! Now everyone in the team is in a constant highway of communication.
Step 2

Slice your Schedule

After sharpening your knife, place your schedule on a cutting board and carefully cut the upcoming week into shift slices that you can distribute to your workforce.

Now publish it and...congrats! Now every single worker has a personal schedule on their devices.
Step 3

Prepare Notes


Grab a tray and carefully place notes that your team can access quickly to consume delicious bite-sized information about pretty much anything related to the restaurant.  Is there a complicated set of steps to open the door in the morning? Or a secret way to fix something that keeps breaking? No problem, explain it one time in a Notes Board and you will never have to explain it again.
Step 4

Serve Tasks

Serve fresh tasks to all kinds of guests. With Tasks, your entire team is on the same page and knows what is needed for a successful shift.

Create personal task boards to outline the path you need to complete to elevate your restaurant to the next level. Congrats! You are only steps away from your dream restaurant!
Step 5

Store your files.

Store the information that matters across different drawers as long as you want. Finally! No more missing or spoiled documents.

The entire digital assets of your restaurant in one place.

Now that's being organized.

A note from the chef

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